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Web3 and Blockchain Project Services

Supercharge your Web3 journey with Ledger Leap’s tailored solutions, designed to revolutionize industries, optimize operations, and foster a dynamic digital presence. Experience the power of our software solutions, community management & press services, compliance & smart contract tools, or comprehensive metaverse campaign services, all crafted to elevate your brand and captivate your target audience.

Specialized services for successful brand engagement.

Boost your blockchain and Web3 project’s online presence.

Boost your Web3 brand with strategic media placement and blockchain PR.

Secure, fast, and GDPR compliant  solutions for businesses.

Revolutionizing Web3 with custom smart contracts.

Seamless launch portals for your token releases.

Empowering merchants with seamless cryptocurrency transactions.

Elevate your brand’s engagement and transform customer interactions.

DAO & Enterprise NFT Tools

Revolutionize your business and DAO operations with cutting-edge solutions, streamlining processes, and harnessing the power of NFTs to unlock new revenue streams and create unforgettable experiences for DAOs and Enterprise alike.

Enterprise NFTs

Enterprise NFTs

Enterprise NFT Services harness the power of non-fungible tokens to revolutionize customer loyalty, event ticketing, and digital advertising for your business.
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DAO Voting Portals

DAO Voting Portals

Experience seamless voting and collective decision-making with Ledger Leap's innovative solutions for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.
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DAO Legal Wrappers

DAO Legal Wrappers

Legal wrappers bridge the gap between DAOs and traditional corporate operations, offering seamless integration of services like compliance, contract management, accounting, treasury services, payments, banking, and legal support.
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DAO Creation

DAO Creation

Comprehensive DAO formation plans provide expert guidance in establishing your decentralized autonomous organization.
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Blockchain Solutions for Funds

Streamline fund management with Concierge Blockchain Node Hosting and Staking Accounting Technology, providing optimal uptime, transparent reporting, and simplified proof of stake investment management for investor satisfaction and business growth.

Staking Accounting Technology for Funds

Staking Accounting Technology streamlines fund management for proof of stake investments, offering automatic staking reward allocation and real-time access for investors to monitor their portfolio. With our comprehensive admin panel, efficiently manage staking assets and enhance your investor experience, fostering transparency and trust while simplifying the fund management process.

Node Hosting and Monitoring for Funds

Concierge Blockchain Node Hosting and Monitoring service provides tailored solutions for your fund’s unique requirements, ensuring optimal uptime and performance. Our dedicated team offers around the clock monitoring, seamless software updates, and daily reports to keep you informed about your blockchain nodes’ performance. Focus on managing your investments with confidence, while knowing that your blockchain infrastructure is in expert hands.

Blockchain & Web3 Consulting

Unlock the full potential of Web3 and blockchain technology with our expert consulting services, tailored to help you navigate the complexities of decentralized ecosystems and drive innovation across diverse industries. Harness the power of strategic partnerships, exceptional user experiences, and optimized use cases to propel your project forward and achieve lasting success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our team's extensive knowledge and experience enable us to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate trends and challenges, and ensure that our clients always have access to the most innovative and effective solutions available.

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